Rabbi Jacobs.com
Name: Fishel Jacobs
Age: 57
Born: Brooklyn, New York
What: Karate Champ, Prison Officer, Author, Speaker
Favorite books: Mine. Really.
Belief: If you can dream it, you can do it. Do it.
Motto: When you run out of places to find strength, look deeper inside yourself.
Saying: Life without humor is not funny.
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Coffee Melts Bars - My Israeli Prison Career will soon be distributed worldwide. Digital copies are now available.

Coffee Melts Bars (10.14) radio book interview:

Part 1:3.mov -- Part 2:3.mov -- Part 3:3.mov

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Upcoming Talks:

Dec. 2 — College of Managerial Management; Rishon, Israel

Dec. 14 — Sapir College; Ashkelon, Israel

Dec. 22 — Medical School; Haifa, Israel

Jan. 5 — Netanya University; Netanya, Israel

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US Phone: (212) 655-9278;

Israel Phone: (972) 3-9600139

Israel Cell: 058 792 1788

Email: RabbiJacobs@gmail.com



 Reading, studying, writing      books
 Physical conditioning
 Being with people.

favorite places
Vermont woods, where I grew up
Office, where I write books