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Family Purity

A Guide To Marital Fulfillment

Chabad Rabbinical Court of eretz Yisroel 

Kiryat Melachi, Israel


Adar 5758

The book, Family Purity—A Guide to Marital Fulfillment, written by Rabbi Yerucham Fishel HaLevy Jacobs, is a comprehensive compendium on the laws and customs associated with family purity.

This book is well researched and fills a void especially in that it supplies all the above in harmony with the halachic decisions of the Shulchan Aruch Admur Hazoken. Before selected chapters important advice of a personal nature is added creating a refreshingly rounded picture of Jewish family life.

The author has previously published a compendium of the vestos laws with a ten year calendar. This work, called Times has already been used successfully in eretz Yisroel for a number of years. Another previous work, Chochmat HaTaharah, a commentary on the laws in Yoreh Deah dealing with these subjects has haskomos from many leading Rabonim shlita.

Therefore all that remains is that we add our blessings that this work become accepted in all English speaking homes and that the author enjoy continued success in his future endeavors.

In anticipation of the days of Moshiach.

Rabbis: M. M. Gluchovsky Yochanan Gurary Levi Bistritsky

Rabbi David Meir Drukman

Head Rabbi of Kiryat Mutzkin


12 Iyyar 5758

I come here with words of blessing and praise for my dear friend, one who brings merits to the masses, who has already become expert in clarifying these areas until the level of deciding final decisions in law in the field of purity in his first book Chochmat Hatahara.

Now, his hand has created a second book, on this subject, aimed specifically for the English speaking audience. It is a sure thing that no shortcomings or obstacles can come from his pen.

Therefore, I add my name to the list of those illustrious Rabonim gaonim, including the Rabonim gaonim of the Chabad Rabbinical Court of Eretz Yisroel, who reviewed this book and bless my dear friend, the author shlita, to continue to add purity and holiness and to increase Torah and glorify it according to his desires.

Waiting anxiously for the quickly approaching redemption.

David Meir Drukman

Rabbi Shalom B. Groner


Johanessburg, South Africa


7 Tishrei 5759


I would like to join the many honorable rabonim shlita in congratulating Rabbi Jacobs for his sefer that presents to the English speaking public the intricate laws of tahara in an easy and clear manner.

Rabbi Shalom B. Groner

Rabbi Y. Groner

The Yeshivah Centre

Victoria, Australia


May 5, 1998

Dear Rabbi Jacobs,

I received the proofs of your book, Family Purity—A Guide to Marital Fulfillment. Although, time does not allow me to study the book in depth, but from what I have read I have noticed it is written in a very pleasant manner, thoroughly covering the laws of family purity. Seforim on this topic are very important and this will strengthen the observance of Taharas Hamishpacha (family purity).

I am sure you stress that laymen should not “poskin,” for themselves after studying the sefer, but they must address all these questions to a qualified Rav who is well versed in these laws.

I commend you for the work, effort and toil that you put into this sefer. I am confident it will be received favorably. May there be an increase in taharas hamishpacha, and this will bring the coming of the Moshiach when the world will become pure.

Yours sincerely,

Rabbi Y. Groner

Rabbi Shalom Gutnick

Melbourne Beth Din

Victoria, Australia


Dear Rabbi Jacobs shlita,

It is with pleasure that I avail myself of the opportunity to add my commendations to the cavalcade of approbations and tributes that have been bestowed upon your admirable work in the field of Taharas Hamishpacha.

It is evident that you have invested much thoughtful work and effort into the preparation of this outstanding book as you have done in your previous publications.

There is no doubt that this additional work will serve the very useful purpose of assisting all those seeking enlightenment in the practical observance of one of the most fundamental and pivotal institutions of Torah life. Your book should be assured a distinguished place in every Jewish home and library.

May Hashem grant you many healthy and prosperous years in which to continued your worthy labors in disseminating the Torah wellsprings for the benefit of anash and klal Yisroel.

Yours sincerely,

Rabbi S. Gutnick

Rabbi Marlowe

Beth Din, Crown Heights

Brooklyn, New York


21 Menachem Av, 5758

To the Honorable Rav Yerucham Fishel Jacobs shiy’,

With pleasure do I take the opportunity to join the Rabbonim shiy’ who gave their consent and praise for your praiseworthy compilation of the laws of niddah in the composition named Family Purity—A Guide to Marital Fulfillment.

May the Al-mighty help you to promote Taharah B'Yisroel.

With respect,

Yehuda K. Marlow

Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Raskin

Dayan of Lubavitch Synagogue



21 Adar 5758

Dear Rabbi Jacobs shlita,

Thank you for enabling me to read the proofs of your forthcoming book Family Purity—A Guide To Marital Fulfillment. Reading through the text, which I did from practically cover to cover—I was delighted to see your very refreshing style, casual yet thorough.

The word 'Halacho' is usually translated as 'law'. More subtly it can be translated as 'the way one goes'. This book aims to present Halacho indeed as a way of life.

Also useful are the specific medical terms, generously used wherever relevant. These will be of great value if the need arises to communicate with medical personnel.

The Halachic decisions are invariably a faithful transmission of standard accepted Seforim, as referred to extensively in the end notes. I have recommended a number of additions and modifications, as you will see in the returned copy. Nonetheless I feel that this book truly merits unreserved recommendation - its readers will certainly enhance their Torah-life-style in this vital area, upon which is founded the sanctuary of our holy nation.

May we all speedily merit to immerse in ‘the waters of pure knowledge,’ in an era when awareness of the Al-mighty will envelop all, much as the water envelopes the sea and all therein, now!

Wishing you a kosher and joyous Pesach.

Yours sincerely,

Rabbi L.Y. Raskin

The Union of Orthodox Rabbis of

The United States & Canada


3 Sivan 5758

We reviewed the book compiled by the Rabbi the gaon Rabbi Yerucham Fishel HaLevy Jacobs on the laws of niddah and family purity, written in easily understandable English with many footnotes.

Important Rabonim from Eretz Yisroel have already given approbations on this work as well as this author’s previous works. We, therefore, add our approbation to these and bless the author for success in “spreading his wellsprings.” And that this book, as well as his previous ones, should become accepted and standard.

The author is fortunate in that many will merit to observe family purity through his efforts. May it be His will that not only will this work become accepted but, furthermore, he should continue to write additional works for the benefit of others.

In the honor of the Torah, the author and with blessings,

Rabbi Tzvi Meir Ginzburg

Central Yeshiva Tomchei Temimim—Kfar Chabad

(Approbation to author’s previous work)


10 Sivan 5757

We have reviewed the work of our dear and illustrious student, HaRav HaGaon Yerucham Fishel HaLevy shlita Jacobs, entitled, Chochmot Hatahara, on hilchos niddah and vestos, which adds commentary to these laws in their Talmudic and scriptural sources.

Although we don’t refer to the specifics therein, we do, however, bless the author and honorable Rav HaGaon; amongst our most exemplary students who later spent many years in our adjoining kollel (770 Kfar Chabad) and achieved well according to his means.

We therefore extend our blessings that “his wellsprings should spread forth and merit that this work aids in increasing purity amongst Jews until the fulfillment of, “I will sprinkle pure waters on you and you will be pure” - in the quickly approaching redemption through the righteous Moshiah.

Rabbi Yakov Katz


Rabbi Yitzchak Yeruslavski

Head Rabbi of Kiryat Melachi


26 Shevat 5758

My dear and honorable colleague the gaon and chasid Rabbi Yerucham Fishel HaLevy Jacobs is supervising the fourth printing of the important booklet Times. This is a well compiled work on the laws of hefsek tahara, seven white days and vestos. This will surely be of value to the public. The author has already become expert in this field in his important work Chochmat Hatahara which has approbations from the leading rabonim. In the merit of the public the author will be blessed with all good things, especially to increase and glorify Torah study.

With respect and blessings,

Rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Yeruslavski

Binyanim Cohen

Member of Ramla Beis Din, halachic author

(To Zemonim, Sefard custom edition)


Tuesday 14 Kislev, 5770

I have seen the important work compiled by my friend the honorable rav and chosid, Rabbi Fishel Jacobs, which is a compendium of the laws of niddah, hefsek tahara, seven white days etc.. This book is explained in easily understood language. in accordance with the Shulchan Aruch of Rabbi Yosef Caro zt”l, and other commentaries fitting Sefardi custom.

My colleague has done a wonderful job in spreading Torah, and our sages have said, “Go to Yosef, as he commands so shall you do.”

May it be His will that all Rabbi Jacobs’ work should continue to be blessed and the merit of the masses depends on him.


Rabbi Binyamin Cohen

Study Guide—Choson Kallah

Rabbi B. Yorkovitz

Rabbi of Chabad, Lod


Tammuz 5767

Dear Rabbi Jacobs,

I would like to add my name to the list of English speaking rabonim shl“ita who encourage and support your ongoing efforts to spread the Rebbe‘s mivtzah of family purity through Family Purity—A Guide To Marital Fulfillment, Times, Zemonim and Chochmot Hatahara.

And particularly with the appearance of the latest in your series, Study Guide For Choson Kallah, based on Familyl Purity.

I believe that choson/kallah counselors who use the Study Guide will only benefit and strongly support issuing some type of personal letter of recognition of those students‘ competence in these laws as you suggested in your letter to me.

Yishar koach.


Rabbi B. Yorkovitz

Rabbi T. Bolton

Assistant rosh yeshiva, Ohr Tmimim


August 21, 2007

Dear Rabbi Jacobs,

Shalom and blessings,

I have seen your pamphlet: Study Guide for Choson and Kallah, and feel it is an excellent and valuable study aid to clarifying the usually difficult laws of family purity.

I recommend it as a basic accessory for pre-marriage counselors in preparing newlyweds to establish new homes in Israel and raise generations of children born in Tahara according to the will of Hashem as it can be found only in the Shulchan Aruch.

May this be the final step in fulfilling the words of the prophet Jeremiah (36:25, see mishnah end of Yoma) “I (Hashem) will annoint you with pure water and purity you” with the immediate redemption of the Jewish People.

Moshiach now!


Rabbi Tuvia Bolton


The Blech Book

The Complete & Illustrated Guide to Shabbos Hotplates

Rabbi Yohanon Gurary

Head rabbi of Holon


Tishrei 5766

Dear Rabbi Jacobs shli”ta,

Thank you for sending me the proofs for your upcoming sefer on the laws of blechs and Shabbos Hotplates. As you mention in the introduction, this is a very important area of Jewish law. And it does, indeed, include many details.

The otherwise knowledgeable and conscientious public may not always be aware of all this, particularly the nuances which may apply to custom and the like.

It is, therefore, refreshing to see the comprehensive, yet user friendly style, of your previous books repeated here in this one. Of course, the photos only add a greater dimension of clarity to the entire work.

Therefore, I would like to commend you, along with the other rabonim shli”ta who have reviewed this work, on this important addition to the world of halachic writing. I give you my blessings that this sefer, as those you’ve previously published, should be accepted by the public, and may this merit stand you and your family well in health and good tidings.

With blessings for the quickly approaching and complete redemption through Moshiach tzidkeinu.

Yohanon Gurary

Rabbi B. Yurkowicz

Rabbi of Chabad community, Lod


Tishrei 5766

Dear Rabbi Jacobs shli”ta,

I was delighted to see the manuscript for your upcoming sefer on the laws of blechs and Shabbos hotplates etc.

Indeed, these laws are quite expansively dealt with in Talmud, commentaries, shulchan aruch and other seforim on practical halacha. Considering the additional elements of custom, there are many details. I was, therefore, pleased to see the presentation you’ve adopted in this book.

The popular question and answer format should make it very accessible to the general public. The photos will only enhance. Of course, for those wishing to see the sources, the extensive footnoting will allow them to do so easily.

Along with the other rabonim shli”ta, who have reviewed this work and given their warmest accolades, I would like to add my blessings that this sefer, as those you’ve published in the past, become accepted in every Jewish home.

May Hashem grant you continued health and success in disseminating Torah and chasiduth. With blessings for a speedily approaching and complete geula through Moshiach tzidkeinu.

Yours sincerely,

Rabbi B. Yurkowicz

Chochmot Hatahara

(This book and its approbations were in Hebrew. These are translations.)

Rabbi Mashash

Head Rabbi of Jerusalem


15 Shevat, 5758

This is the work of a craftsman, a bottle containing manna, the wonderful Rabbi, distinguished and working with alacrity Rabbi Yerucham Fishel Halevy Jacobs shlita. The book speaks about the main laws needed for every man and every family to know and understand; including the reasons and the sources, from verses and the words of the Shulchan Aruch and Ramo in a clear and easy language.

I commend him on his work and the toil involved to create such a complete work, complete with computer created diagrams. All done well in due time to lighten the job of those learning these subjects. Let his portion be of the Torah, meriting the masses who don't know what they are to do, herein they will find a set table of all the necessary laws to save them from a doubtful niddah which is so strict.

Hashem will send His help from the holy abode to help this work find its publication, and the merit of the masses will protect the author to continue his holy work. Let his wellsprings spread forth with continued good ideas that helping the masses with his good health and light.

Rabbi Benjamin Adler

Author of Marriage According to Halacha, Dayan in Jerusalem Beis Din


Kislev 5758

Let the heart rejoice of all those who keep purity with the revelation of the wonderful book Chochmot Hatahara. Which deals with all that is written in the Torah referring to holiness and purity and teaches and lightens the study for all Israel, the holy people, those with knowledge of times, to teach them the proper path that they shall walk through and the actions that they should do and to live with this.

This is the work of a wise man Rabbi Yerucham Fishel Halevy Jacobs shlita, that the heavens merited him to compile a work on purity, this is the life work of a man working with alacrity. The work is called Chochmot Hatahara. As its name so is it: Full of the spirit of wisdom and G-d fearing purity. It lightens the eyes of those wishing to purify themselves to understand the knowledge of G-d and purity. It is pleasing to the eye; this book, full of goodness comes to teach grooms and brides, counselors of brides and grooms, in order that they should understand how to be saved from mistakes.

The author's wisdom stood by him further creating diagrams explaining all this, lightening the load of those studying these difficult laws. All well done in an auspicious time in a light and simple language.

Let this author be blessed, let success and redemption be given him. Let his wellsprings spread forth and his teachings spread out. Let G-d bless his work and let him continue to spread light to the world. Until we all are redeemed.

Rabbi Nehemia Goldberg

Head Dayan of Jerusalem Beis Din


22 Kislev, 5758

I was shown by the great Rabbi and illuminator Rabbi Yerucham Fishel Halevy Jacobs his wonderful and pleasant book. This is the work of wisdom in a difficult field; through it all that is necessary for the purification of the Jewish daughter becomes clear. Happy is the author who through his work will merit the masses.

Rabbi Akivah Eiger already wrote that the "main thing is to merit the masses." Therefore I wish him well to this author that he should continue to compile such works and do good things for the benefit of the masses bringing them closer to keeping the mitzvahs.

Rabbi Yeruslavski

Head Rabbi of Kiryat Melachi, Member of Beis Din


erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5757

Rabbi Yerucham Fishel Halevy Jacobs is well known; in fact I have personally known him for a long while as delving into halacha deeply. Now he is going to publish his work called Chochmot Hatahara. It's purpose is to bring out the learning of purity of niddah in a way understandable to the masses.

Surely this will add much in keeping these laws since through understanding the student will more easily keep those same laws.

Especially when it is known how much the author invested to produce such a perfect work which already has undergone Rabbinical approval from some of the greatest rabbis.

I wish him continued fortune and that he should continue to merit the masses.

Rabbi Drukman

Head Rabbi of Kiryat Mutzkin


7 Elul 5757

I come to praise our dear friend and loved one, full of G-d's blessings, studies Torah diligently and knows how to bring it to practical law, Rabbi Yerucham Fishel Halevy Jacobs shlita. He has shown me his work, the craft of his wisdom - nice and pleasant, connected to purity this is a work of halacha.

This work is for a great benefit for those who wish to come into the gates of purity, especially young grooms who are preparing to study this subject in depth and this is a great basis for them.

The author merited and will merit to teach the G-dly nation the proper path. G-d will send him blessings according to His will and I hereby sign in the name of the Ultimate Signer.

Rabbi Mazoz

Leading Posek, Rosh Yeshiva Bnei Brak, Israel


27 Kislev 5758

Shalom ubracha! I received parts of the pleasan work Chochmot Hatahara as an example. It explains in a simple and understandable language all the laws of niddah and vestos etc. with diagrams and tables. Well executed!

I add my name to those already connected and given to this work in order that you should publish this work. May the masses learn this work.

Rabbi Zilber

Leading Legal Authority, Author


26 Shevat 5758

To Rabbi Yeruchem Fishel Halevy shlita, I acknowledge reviewing parts of the work Chochmot Hatahara and saw that it was well done in an auspicious time. It will merit the masses and lighten for them their study. You have done well adding computer generated diagrams in order to explain these difficult laws. Any additions I make are superfluous and all that is needed is to add my blessings that G-d will continue to make you successful and to continue to add purity in Israel.

Approbations To Rabbi Jacobs’

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